Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Location | Imaginary location
Type | School project 2011
Mentors | arch. Grozdana Šišović, arch. Milan Maksimović

Location of the house is a cliff 50m high from the sea level. Since the interpretation and structure of the cliff was totally free, the concept was shaped around this idea. House is positioned on the ‘edge’ and anchored to the side of the cliff. Verticality is emphasized as every floor contains one room type except the middle floor where kitchen, dining area and living room are at the same level. If observed from the land, it appears as the building is barely visible since it’s almost totally transparent at the top. This space is used as a study room but can be interpreted as a point view since it has open 360 degrees view.

Façade consists of glass membrane with wooden rotating panels which have different heights and widths, but same thickness. These panels have a purpose of creating different interior ambiances with sunlight and visually increasing the verticality of the house.