Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Location | Milan, Italy
Type | Milan Expo Competition
Team | Stefan Radovanović, Lazar Đurić, Stefan Stoisavljević, Dušan Cvetković

The main guiding motive through designing process was a steel, tubular column used in scaffolding. The idea is to create a steel forest applying aged and galvanized tubes and follow the theme of recycling through material reuse and easy construction/dismounting having in mind that the whole concept is ephemeral.

By changing the distance between the tubes and their density and height, the space for corridors and pavilion program is created. There are three main elements of space: reception, souvenir shop with chill area and the business center. Since the business center requires more private space it is brought above the ground in a separate unit. The other two programs are merged since their purpose is very similar and flexible. There are no walls and the illusion of the same is created with denser tube grid, defining and dividing separate programs in that way.

Pavilion’s space seeks to create an effect of unlimited circulation with certain key points along the way. It is a point cloud in space that can be intersected from any direction. By incorporating this concept, its sole purpose of information sharing is fulfilled and at the same time structure is being dispersed into space.