Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Location | Belgrade, Serbia
Type | Competition - 1st place
Team | Nikola Milanović, Dejan Milanović,Petar Opačić, Hristina Stojanović, Dušan Cvetković
Exhibition | Atlas of the Unbuilt World 2013 - London Festival of Archtiecture

Location of Mira Trailović square has a variety of different users and programs. Surrounded from the Bajlonijeva market in the north, Dzordza Vašingtona street from the west, lodgment buildings from the south and Bitef theater in the east, it is a melting pot off different programs which coexist at this place.

The most dominant building at the site is Bitef Theater which is an old evangelist church from 19th century. It was renovated in 1989 with a purpose of creating a theater for live performances with a café bar. On the opposite side is a market the food market which is in very bad condition.

The idea of the project is to establish a strong connection with Bitef Theater and to emphasize its program of culture. At the same time, the east-west direction is given a strong physical continuity and a transparent border with the market. Creating steel tubular transparent wall 10m high and giving it multipurpose is exactly what transforms the square into new polygon for cultural events. In front of the structure is a stage where various performances can take place. Furthermore, the square gets granite tiling and slows down the traffic by creating an integrated street.

The mutual bond with Bitef Theater is very strong now. All artistic events would be organized and hosted by the theater and all necessary equipment could be stored there. Open space of the square has much different feel and it’s not deserted anymore. The Bajlonijeva market is separated, but not completely covered since the wall itself is transparent.

Bringing people together and creating live atmosphere in the square is the main purpose of the project. The wall itself is quite flexible and can produce a variety of different ambiances. One of the possibilities is creation of the green wall with creeper plants which can bring comfort and life to this space. On the other hand, the wall can be used for open movie or theater projections during the night as well as artistic exhibitions, musical concerts, sports events.