Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Architect | Urban Agency
Location | Seoul, South Korea
Type | Commission
Collaboration | Urban Agency, Soomok, Imma

The site at number 2-2 Negok District has both positive and negative aspects – the design concept embodies and tackles said upsides and challenges. The open view towards Mt Chunggae is utilized while the unsightly Kyungbu highway and the very closely located neighboring building is resolved – an innovative urbanistic solution to a complex condition.

Urban Agency proposed a counter shape as a response to the neighboring U-shape building; its counter U-shape not only creates a larger courtyard space together with the neighbor, but allows each unit to have its own privacy in the highly dense urban setting.

The five storey building consists of micro apartment units, co-working space for start-ups, offices and community amenities. The new modular facade system composed of double-height, trapezoid terraces embraces all of the different programs and creates its own exclusive appearance. This design procedure creates harmony between the building and its surroundings comprising of the small villas. It also deliberately breaks away from the conventional officetel typology in Korea.

Devised to attract young single office workers who commute to Gangnam district, the ‘Vertical Community House’ located at the center of the building facing the sunken courtyard, is set to be the hub or ‘living room’ of the community. With diverse and flexible programs that are spatially and visually connected such as a party room, library, multi-purpose theater and cafe; it will be an ambient platform for accidental encounters, relaxation, rejuvenation and recharge.