Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Location | Belgrade, Serbia
Type | Competition
Team | Stefan Radovanović, Lazar Đurić, Stefan Stoisavljević, Dušan Cvetković

Location for the winery is at the edge of the vineyard field descending towards the water channel. By analyzing the site, panoramic view south of the channel popped out like one of the best attributes of this location. Furthermore, the physical extension of the vineyards towards the panorama creates an interesting relation between the existing nature and its consumers. In this way, winery blends with the ground. Surrounding space suddenly becomes a single unit with the project.

This long extension has a purpose of a roof and a cover for the big terrace below. At the same time it creates a polygon for further development of the project. Right below the roof is the exhibition space which has access to the big terrace which offers panoramic view to the south. There is also an office which has direct connection to the production part. The natural slope was used to position the production part in the ground which requires dark and cold space.

Production and exhibition parts are closely connected with vertical communication and with openings in the floor through which the visitors can observe the wine cellar below. These floor openings are covered with transparent glass tables. In this way, strong multi-purpose unity is achieved. People are connected with nature and wine. Nature and vineyards are represented as singular continuity.