Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Location | Belgrade, Serbia
Type | Student project 2013
Mentors | prof. Milan Đurić, arch. Aleksandar Bobić, arch. Nevena Poledica

The goal of this school project was to design a prison for three hundred inmates. Even though the prison program is very strict, there was a possibility to experiment and try to find different concepts of prison which would normally work following the strict prison regulations. The type of the prisoners can be varied as well.

Main idea was to expand the purpose of a prison which doesn’t just hold prisoners but also benefits the society around it. In order to achieve this, one more facility is brought to coexist with the prison. This is an industrial factory which production can be anything that society needs at a certain moment in time.

Fusing the programs of prison workshops with industrial factory creates a symbiotic relation. Inmates’ retribution can be lowered if they work in the factory. On the other hand, factory benefits greatly for having free man power. This beneficial relation is closely monitored, controlled and maintained.

Both facilities have linear concept. Factory is a very long ‘line’ that spans across the site of the project, therefore the prison is just a unity of dots across this long line which tends to be as close to the line as possible.