Dušan Cvetković
Architecture & Design

Belgrade, Serbia 


Thesis project | 2014
Location | Belgrade, Serbia
Mentors | prof Milan Đurić, prof dr Jelena Šekularac, doc dr Milica Milojević

One of the main problems of the site is its abandonment. Abandoned space is a space which lost its initial function for which it was constructed or it is in very little use. Inside this space, there is resemblance of the life that it had once. There are trails of past times which have bad influence to its close and broad surroundings. The factories that once worked now represent a ruin of architecture. The whole complex has resembles of a post-apocalyptic city. Architecture is dying slowly.

The phenomenon of perceiving time as a single frozen moment in past represents a moment when some being, thing or object are becoming eternal. It is an instance in time when visual perception transforms into reality and becomes touchable. This perception is connected with existence of so called timeless architecture. It can be identified with the term eternal architecture because it is consisted of all needed elements for such representation. This architecture is independent, strong, fused with nature and adaptable.

Temporary architecture can be defined as mobile space or space which is being used for certain amount of time after it gets taken down and moved. The terms change and transformation are in close relation with temporary architecture. This architectural concept is best perceived through this physical, but also programmed change. Temporary architecture is often very flexible regarding the function and location. These structures are mostly conditioned by ground type and are often treated as test projects for new technologies without the pressure of being built to live forever.

Hybridization of temporary and timeless architecture is the solution for abandonment of the location of Old Sugar Refinery. The space is assemblage and time is assembler. Time, through the process, accumulates and changes elements on the given polygon which are dependent of spatial and functional program. Time is seen as a unity so that the final result cannot be realized in far future since it is in the state of constant change. The goal is to find the best solution for the location of Old Sugar Refinery with help from certain programmed spatial concept which forms through hybridization of temporary and timeless architecture. It is needed to fit present elements (timeless) with new elements (temporary) which will constantly evolve and adjust.

The main program of the project is based on typology of nanotechnology center. The main focus is research in specific area. The type of research is basic and applied. In the context of temporary and timeless hybridization, the sole purpose of research is its flexibility. The variability of program follows the variability of physical structure. Location will keep its existing objects and if needed get new ones whose goal would be satisfaction of program requirement in given moment. In time, these physical states will change, transform and adapt with its environment. Based on society needs in certain point in time, program will change accordingly. Current state is based on present needs of society in Serbia. Apart from the main program, there are additional lodgment and student buildings. In a course of time, program is expected to have cultural and sports focus with energy efficient systems like solar panels and kinetic facade.

As far as location is concern, it has two main parts. First one is the Old Sugar Refinery which stopped production twenty years ago, but some parts of it are still active. The other part is NIS Oil Refinery which is operational but not with full capacity. The main idea is to fuse new temporary architecture with existing timeless architecture and create a sophisticated program which will coexist with the current state and at the same time bring new activity to this place. Platform is lowered at the size of location and after series of criteria such as green spaces, existing buildings, operational buildings, approach, and connection. The final design represents the state in future which could happen. This is just single possible scenery which is further deducted, but there could be many more since we cannot know the exact society needs in the future. Further development of the project is its simplification and deduction through 10 phases to the state in which it is needed today.

Current program is nanotechnology center which is located at upper base. Apart from this, in the lower base is located nanotechnology exhibition space with two high rise buildings which have a purpose of housing for students and homeless people. This social experiment is also a part of temporary (students) and timeless (homeless) architecture concept.